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Fleeting Time
Can it really be sixty-two years ago that I first saw you?
It is truly a lifetime, I know. But as I gaze into your eyes now, it seems like only yesterday that I first saw you, in that small caf6 in HanoverSquare.
年華似水,倏忽間我們已相攜一世??墒钱斘彝愕碾p眼,當年的邂逅歷歷如在昨昔,也就是在 漢諾威廣場的那間小咖啡館里。
From the moment I saw you smile, as you opened the door for that young mother and her newborn baby. I knew, I knew that I wanted to share the rest of my life with you.
那一刻,你正在為一位年輕的母親和他的小寶寶開門,而從見到你當時的盈盈笑靨之刻起,我就明 白我只愿與你執手到老,共度此生。
I still think of how foolish I must have looked, as I gazed at you, that first time. I remember watching you intently, as you took off your hat and loosely shook your short dark hair with your fingers. I felt myself becoming immersed in your every detail, as you placed your hat on the table and cupped your hands around the hot cup of tea, gently blowing the steam away with routed lips.
我仍然不時想起,那天自己第一次那樣地盯著你,一定很傻;我的目光就那樣情不自禁怔怔地投向 你,追隨你摘下帽子,用手指松了松短短的黑發,追隨你把帽子放在桌前,雙手捧起那杯熱茶,追隨你 微微撅起的櫻唇,輕輕吹走飄騰的熱氣。我的目光始終追隨著你,感覺自己在你溫柔的舉止間慢慢融化 。
From that moment, everything seemed to make perfect sense to me. The people in the caf6 and the busy street outside all disappeared into a hazy blur. All I could see was you.
從那一刻起,一切對于我似乎都有了完美的意義??Х瑞^里的來來往往和外面鬧市的熙熙攘攘都變 得模糊不清了。我的眼睛所能看到的,只有你。
All through my life I. have relived that very first day. Many, many times I have sat and thought about the first day, and how for a few fleeting moments I am there, feeling again what is like to know true love for the very first time. It pleases me that I can still have those feelings now after all those years, and I know I will always have them to comfort me.
光陰似箭,那一天卻不斷在我的記憶里重演,鮮活如初。數不清多少回了,我再次坐下,不斷追憶 那天的點點滴滴,不斷回味那些飛縱的瞬間,重新體會一見鐘情的美麗。讓我欣喜的是,歲月的流逝卻 并沒有帶走那些愛戀的感覺,這些體驗會永遠伴隨著我,安撫我的寥寥余生。
Not even as I shook and trembled uncontrollably in the trenches, did I forget your face. I would sit huddled into the wet mud, terrified, as the hails of bullets and mortars crashed down around me. I would clutch my rifle tightly to my heart, and think again of that very first day we met. I would cry out in fear, as the noise of war beat down around me. But, as I thought of you and saw you smiling back at me, everything around me would become silent, and I would be with you again for a few precious moments, far from the death and destruction. It would not be until I opened my eyes once again, that I would see and hear the carnage of the war around me.
即使當我在戰壕中控制不住地顫抖和戰栗,我也不曾忘記你的容顏。飛躥的子彈和迫擊炮彈如雨點 般在我身邊開了花,我蹲坐著蜷縮在稀泥里,驚恐萬分。我把步槍緊緊地握在胸前,還是想起了我們初 遇的那一天。蕭蕭的戰火在我的周身呼嘯著,我恐懼得幾乎要大聲呼叫。但是,當我想起你,仿佛看見 你對我盈盈淺笑,我周圍的一切忽然沉寂下來,并且在這珍貴的瞬間,我覺得自己暫時遠離了死亡和毀 滅,又和你待在了一起。我沉浸在這種美好之中,直到我再次睜開雙眼,看到的和聽到的依然是圍困著 我的血與火的生死戰場。
I cannot tell you how strong my love for you was back then, when I returned to you on leave in the September, feeling battered, bruised and fragile. We held each other so tight I thought we would burst. I asked you to marry me the very same day and I whooped with joy when you looked deep into my eyes and said "yes"to being my bride.
九月我休假回到你身邊,深感疲憊和脆弱,而我重又燃起的對你的愛火卻無法用語言來形容。我們 緊緊擁抱在一起,仿佛將要把對方擠碎。也正是在那一天,我請求你嫁給我,而當你深深地凝望我的眼 睛并答應做我的新娘時,我早已歡喜地大喊大叫。
I'm looking at our wedding photo now, the one on our dressing table, next to your jewelry box. I think of how young and innocent we were back then. I remember being on the church steps grinning like a Cheshire cat, when you said how dashing and handsome I looked in my uniform. The photo is old and faded now, but when I look at it, I only see the bright vibrant colors of our youth. I can still remember every detail of the pretty wedding dress your mother made for you, with its fine delicate lace and pretty pearls. If I concentrate hard e- nough, I can smell the sweetness of your wedding bouquet as you held it so proudly for everyone to see. (To be continued)
我現在正注視著我們的結婚照,就是放在我們梳妝臺上你首飾盒旁邊的那一張。那時候,我們多么 年輕,多么純真。我記得當站在教堂的臺階上,你說我穿著制服是多么英武俊朗的時候,你咧嘴一笑的 樣子儼然如一只英國柴郡的小花貓?,F在照片已經舊得泛黃了,但是我所看到的,卻只有我們年輕時的 明媚姿彩。我仍然能夠記得你母親為你做的那件漂亮的結婚禮服,上面鑲嵌著精致的花邊和美麗的珍珠 。讓我再仔細體會一下,我還能聞到我們婚禮上花束的甜香,你那么驕傲地捧著花,讓每個人都分享你 的幸福時光。(未完待續)

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